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ARIK LEVY/North for Vibia


is glad to introduce his new pendant light


Framed within the NORTH collection, Arik Levy is glad to introduce his new and versatile light fitting that constitutes a new category of floor lamp.
Arik Levy and Vibia together explore the concept of deconstruction by separating the parts of the luminous object: base, stem and shade whereby the light is brought to where it’s required, allowing each part to be adapted with total freedom of movement.
Suspended from the ceiling via an almost invisible steel cable, the light is equipped with a counterweight, placed on the ground, that guides the electrical cable and allows the stem and the shade to be positioned wherever required. Both the LED source inside the shade and the carbon fiber rod structure provide a superior quality materiality and technical performance in an un-equaled exercise of visual dexterity.
Placed over a sofa or an armchair, NORTH becomes a reading light suitable for a living room, hotel entrance hall or reception. Over a dining table or a meeting room table it provides a direct light that draws attention to the surface underneath. A fitting that allows the light to be positioned where it’s required, while the object itself acquires a minimal presence, but one with character and strength, like the north star in the night sky ....
Arik Levy



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